5 Easy Outdoor Games to Try with Your Children

5 Easy Outdoor Games to Try with Your Children

Do you want to have your family day more fun and memorable? Why not take your kids outside to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the good weather with thrilling games and activities?  

Playing games outside is one good way to bond with your family. Outdoor games and activities also get everyone to exercise and stay fit and healthy.

Ready to go out and enjoy? Here are 5 easy and exciting outdoor games you need to try with your kids now.

1.Obstacle Course

In arranging an obstacle course, all you need to do is to get items you have in your house and set up a course. You can add more challenge and try to expand the roller skating skills of your kids. Develop kinesthetic and logical skills and start a friendly family competition.

2. Treasure Hunt

Finding hidden treasures outdoors can be very exciting. You can go to the nearest park and find your “treasures” there. Make sure to have a checklist of the items to look for before heading to the park. Work as a team with the family in order to find these items.


‘Freeze’ is a very popular game in the playground. One member of the family is chosen to be “it”. If the “it” catches another player, that player should stay put as if he’s frozen. A frozen player can only move if another player “unfreezes” him by touching him.  The last person to freeze becomes the “it” for the following round.

4.Picnic Basket Relay

In this game, your goal is to compete with members of the family to see who finishes to set up a picnic first. When one player finishes setting up everything from the picnic basket, he will have to rush and clean up everything. After getting the time records of each and declaring the winner, you can indulge with your picnic food. Have fun

5. Water Balloon War

This is the best game to play especially during hot summer days. Just fill up some balloons with water and you’re good to go. You can split into two groups and the rules are up to you. Sometimes, a little craziness won’t hurt. Blend in with the children and bring out the inner child in you.

When you’re done trying these games, you might find yourself having trouble to get your kids back indoors. While playing outdoors, make sure to give them tips in order to do better next time. With these outdoor games, you’ll be able to see for yourself that children can also learn while having fun.