Teaching your Children How To Roller Skate

Teaching your Children How To Roller Skate – Xino Sports

Roller skating is a fun way to bond with your family. Therefore, it’s nice to spend some time teaching your kids to skate. At first, it may seem difficult, but don’t worry – as long as you have the right mindset, it will be just fine!

Before you get started in your roller skating training, you need to have the following safety gear:

  • Wrist pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • Helmet

Here’s a step by step on how to train your children to roller skate:

“How to train

  1. You need to teach the child through play, so that the process is both interesting and fun.

If it didn’t work today or the child has fallen down – in no case should you shout at him, as any step on the roller skates requires patience.

  1. In the beginning, teach your child to perform easy exercises. As soon as he masters them – teach the complex ones.
  2. First, your child needs to master proper posture. This is the most important part of the basic training. If the child learns to stand correctly he will easier and faster learn to roller skate afterwards.

The proper posture looks like this: the toes are apart, the heels are together, the knees are slightly bent, and the entire body is tilted forward. It is important to tilt not with the shoulders but with the entire body!

Let the kid stand next to a support (a wall, a furniture item) and try to stand on the roller skates while holding the support with both hands and then with one.”

Once your kid knows the basic, there are many tricks that you can teach him or her.

Visit this link to know more about it: http://bebezclub.com/how-to-quickly-and-easily-teach-roller-skating-for-your-child/


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