About Us

It is well into the 21st century and technology has caused traditional family values to decline. Quality family time has been replaced by electronic gadgets and devices. Are you looking for an awesome way to get the kids to be more active again and spend more time outdoors with their friends? 

Xino Sports is dedicated to helping your family put down electronic gadgets and devices and spend more quality time together being active. Enjoy fun times with your family while raising healthy and active children that use their imagination and creativity as they grow up.

As parents, it is our responsibility to help them have fun and develop all their skills. Check out our posts and learn more about ways to raise healthy, active and creative children! 

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Xino Sports is a U.S.-based business started by a mom of 3 beautiful children who believes in family values and the importance of enjoying quality time together.

If you need to contact us about our products, you can leave a voicemail at +1-844-668-5572 or click on the Contact Us tab to send an email.

We look forward to fulfilling all your sporting goods needs!

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