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Reusable Gel Ice Packs & Warm Compress Animals Set for Kids

$13.99 $19.99

Introducing Xino Sports, the hottest (and coolest) thing in injury relief - children's ice packs for injuries!

Our cute and reusable gel athletic ice packs and hot compresses are perfect for treating all sorts of injuries as facial ice packs or for head bumps, bruises, muscle aches, and pains.

The gel athletic cild ice pack comes in a pack of three cute animals that all kids will love. 

How to use ice pack gel to adjust the temperature - Pop the fun gel ice pad in the microwave or freezer as needed, and you’ll have soothing hot or cold therapy whenever you need it.

The reusable cold packs also work as instant cold packs great for packed lunches – use them as a cold pack to keep your food fresh and cool.

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  • The Xino Sports best reusable ice packs for injuries is a high-quality, leak-proof ice pack that is perfect for soothing little boo-boos.
  • Made with thick, medical-grade plastic lining and encasing non-toxic gel beads, the facial ice pack is a safe and effective way to comfort your little one. 
  • The gel packs beads provide long-lasting relief, and the instant ice packs can be reused repeatedly.
  •  Our unique gel ice pack technology allows for versatile heat or cold retention, making it perfect for those with injuries who need to ice regularly.
  • Simply microwave or place in a bowl of hot water for a warm compress
  • Or freeze in a zippered bag for a cold compress. Either way, you'll enjoy the perfect recommended icing time of 20 minutes.
  • These flexible gel ice packs mold around small areas like eyes and mouths, making them perfect for all sorts of purposes. 
  • Keep two in the freezer for when you need an ice pack, and heat one up to use as a hot muscle relaxant or hand warmer. 
  • They make great gifts for kids or parents, and are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.
  • We all know that kids are prone to scrapes and bumps. These reusable ice bags for injuries come in three adorable animal designs: panda, unicorn, and teddy bear. 
  • Simply remove the outer sleeve and store in the freezer for future use. The gel ice bag will stay cold for hours, relieving pain and reducing swelling.
  • Plus, the outer sleeve is machine washable so you can wave bye-bye to dirt and germs after each use. With Xino Sports, your kids will be back to bouncing around in no time!

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