Trick Skating: 6 Basic Tricks on Roller Skates

Trick Skating: 6 Basic Tricks on Roller Skates | Xino Sports

Tips for Roller Skating Tricks For Beginners

If you're a beginner at roller skating, or even if you've been skating for a while but haven't tried any rollerskating tricks yet, here are six basic maneuvers that you can start with. Just remember to practice in a safe area away from traffic and other obstacles when skating outdoors.

You can have so much fun roller skating, but it can be a challenging sport and it gets more thrilling when you can exhibit some cool Inline skates tricks. Trying to perform skating maneuvers and figure skating tricks will improve your balance and let you discover your skating potential, especially with light-up roller skate wheels!

The minimum age for roller skating is two to three years old. There are no formulas on how to learn skating moves quickly. All you need to do is to practice putting the front foot forward, then the other one, and mastery should follow by following these beginner roller skating techniques. 


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What To Look For in Roller Skates for Beginners?

The following are key factors to consider when purchasing your first pair of brand new roller skates:

  • Size and fit: Make sure that the skates you purchase fit well. Your foot should not slide around inside the skate and the boot should be snug but not too tight.
  • Adjustability: If you're buying skates for a child, look for a model that can be adjusted as they grow.
  • Some models also come with adjustable toe stops, which can be helpful for beginners who are still getting used to stopping.
  • Inline skates wheels: Most beginner roller skates will have four wheels (two in the front, two in the back). These are called quad skates. Some newer models come with three wheels (one in the front, two in the back), which are called tri-skates. These can be easier to balance on at first, but they're not as stable as quads.
  • Bearings: The bearings determine how fast your skates will roll. Higher-quality bearings will roll faster and smoother than lower-quality ones.



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How to Do a Plow Stop on Roller Skates

There are two main ways to slow down and stop on skates for beginner skaters: the power stop and the T-stop.

This is a basic stopping technique that will come in handy when you're gliding around.

To do a plow stop:

  1. Start by skating forward and then lean to one side so that most of your weight is on the outside skate.
  2. Then, dig the toe stop of your outside skate into the ground and use it to slow yourself down.
  3. As you're doing this, transfer your weight back to your inside skate so that you can come to a complete stop.

How to Do a T-Stop on Roller Skates

This is another basic stopping technique that's similar to the plow stop. To do a T-stop:

  1. Start by skating forward and then transfer your weight to your outside skate.
  2. Then, dig the toe stop of your inside skate into the ground and use it to slow yourself down. As you're doing this, keep your weight balanced over both skates.
  3. Once you've slowed down enough, transfer your weight back to your inside skate and come to a complete stop.

Learning these three basic maneuvers is a great way to get started with trick skating. When coming to a stop, always make sure that you are in a safe area where you will not collide with anyone or anything. Skaters should always be aware of their surroundings and skate defensively.


roller skates


Basics of Roller Skating: How to Do a Cross Roll on Roller Skates

This is a great trick for beginners because it's not too difficult and it looks really cool when you do it right.

To do a cross roll:

  1. Start by skating forward and then turn your body so that you're skating sideways (to the left or right).
  2. Then, transfer your weight to the outside skate (the one furthest from the direction you're turning) and push off with that skate to roll across the front of your other skate.
  3. As you're doing this, use your inside arm (the one closest to the direction you're turning) to help propel yourself forward.

Basic Roller Skating Tricks On Recreational Skates

We have a few skating tricks for beginner roller skate drills to try out. When trying these, see to it that you have with you all the necessary safety gear like elbow and knee pads and of course a helmet.

Please keep in mind that these maneuvers are for regular beginner roller skates and not for fitness skates, urban skates, inline skates, or aggressive skates

How To Roller Skate Backwards

Does it seem easy to glide forward? How about trying it rollerskating backwards?

In parks, skating backward is called a “fakie”. Usually, skaters experience this when pumping up and down a gliding ramp.

But for beginners, it is best to find a flat surface or roller rink and work on balancing the weight on each of your legs.

  • Place your feet with toes inward and heels out with your knees bent while keeping your back straight.
  • Begin to lift your knees alternately while in the position in the previous step.
  • Just because you’re trying to skate backward doesn’t mean you need to walk backward. You will only need to lift your knees straight up and down.
  • You may refer to this clip.

How To Turn On Roller Skates: 360-Degree Spin

This is a simple trick that can also be performed on flat ground. To do this, you need to:

  • Place your left skate forward and then push your right skate across your left as you turn your body.
  • Drag your left foot in a backward motion while shifting your weight onto your right.
  • Make sure you end up facing your original direction, so you won’t stumble.



This trick is called ‘Heel-toe’ because when performing this, you will only move along only the ‘toe wheel’ of one skate and the ‘heel wheel’ of the other skate.

  • Do this trick with your preferred foot to skate on.
  • Gradually flick the toe up of that skate making only the rear wheel touch the ground.
  • If you feel that you’re balanced enough, you can lift your trailing skate to make your front wheel to be the one touching the ground next.

It is one of the easiest maneuvers to perform but to do this you will need to improve your balance. If you master this trick, your gliding skills will get better. And getting light-up roller skate wheels will make it look much cooler!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which skates are better for special moves?

The best roller skates for beginners adults tricks are quad skates. These have two wheels on each skate, which makes them more stable than inline skates. That stability is important when you're learning new moves.

What is the best surface for trick skating?

The best surface for trick skating is a smooth, level surface like a concrete sidewalk or a basketball court. Avoid surfaces that are uneven or have cracks, as these can be dangerous.

Can I do Inline skates tricks without special equipment?

No, you should always wear protective gear when doing any kind of gliding, including trick skating. This includes knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet.

Girl Roller Skates with safety gear

Are aggressive skates good for beginners?

No, trick skates or aggressive inline skating are not recommended for beginners. These skates are designed for more advanced tricks and skaters who want to do moves like grinding and jumping.

If you're just starting out, it's better to stick with regular roller skates than aggressive skates until you've improved your skating skills. Going for lessons with quad or inline skates might be a good idea. 

Now that you know the basic moves, what are you waiting for? Go out and practice! With a little bit of practice, you'll be doing moves like a pro in no time.

You can learn Inline skates for beginners here. 

You can find a skate tricks list here.

What are the different types of roller skates?

There are four main types of roller skates: quad skates, inline skates or Inline skates, speed skates, and aggressive inline skates.

Roller skates are the most common type of skate and look like traditional roller skates. They have two wheels on each skate and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Inline skates, also known as beginner Inline skating, have three or more wheels arranged in a single line. These aggressive skates are faster than quad skates and are often used for racing or other high-speed activities by experienced skaters.

Xino Sports now also have detachable roller skate shoes for roller skates and inline skates that are interchangeable. The sizes vary from toddlers, kids, youth or teens and adults.



Speed skates are designed for racing and have a special boot that is attached to a lower frame. These skaters typically use clap skate technology, which allows them to go even faster.

Aggressive inline skates are used for special maneuvers and have a hard, durable boot with grind plates attached to the bottom. These trick skates or aggressive skates are often used to do jumps and other tricks in skate parks or on half-pipes.

Can you do inline skating tricks?

Yes, you can do cool tricks on Inline skates. However, it is important to use the right type of skate and wheel for the trick you are trying to perform. consult with a skating professional before attempting any easy Inline skates tricks. The same applies to easy ice skating tricks for beginners. 

How to do tricks on Inline skates

What is a roller skate heel brake?

A roller skate heel rubber stopper brake is a device that helps to slow down or stop a skater. It is usually made of heavy-duty rubber or metal and is located at the back of the skate, near the heel. The brake presses against the ground when the skater slows down or stops. This provides friction and slows the skate down.

What are scissor legs swings in roller skating?

Scissor leg swings are a basic move in roller skating that can be used to travel forwards or backward. To do scissor legs swing, the skater starts in a basic stance with their feet together and their knees bent. They then push off with one foot and swing the other leg out to the side, before bringing it back to the basic stance. This move can be repeated on both feet to travel in either direction.


So, there you have it. Consider this as a guide to basic roller skating moves and don't forget to rotate and clean the wheels from time-to-time. You can learn how to clean roller skate wheels here. 


Remember always that these tricks may be needing a couple of tries so it’s best to be patient and stay safe.

Roller skating is a fun birthday skating private parties theme as well. And above all, have fun!

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