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Adjustable Quad Skates | Roller Blades Combo for Kids, Youth

$74.99 $119.99

Looking for 2-in-1 combo training skates? Our quad skates with a reinforced aluminum frame can be adjusted to roller blades in seconds; the size can be adjusted up to four sizes, plus they light up with bright LED lights - perfect for the young and young at heart. Great for kids, youth, and adults alike.

🎉- Roller skating is a fun, healthy activity for people of all ages!

- The Xino Sports 2-in-1 combo makes it easy to switch between rollerblades and regular skates!

- Get the coolest new trend in skating - the Xino Sports 2-in-1 combo!

- Be able to enjoy skating with your friends no matter their age!


🎉- Your kids will love skating around and being active.

- They'll have so much fun they won't even realize they're getting a good workout!

- Skating is great exercise and helps improve coordination.


🎉- The LED lights make skating more fun and exciting.

- These skates are perfect for the park, skating rink, or sidewalk.

- You'll be the coolest kid on the block when you skate with these LED lights.

- Skating will never be boring again with these cool LED lights.


🎉 - Roller skates adjust to growing with your child's feet

- Roller blades are adjustable for growing feet

- Avoid the hassle of buying new roller skates every few months as your child's feet grow.

- Keep your child safe and comfortable as their feet continue to grow.


🎉 -Youth Medium (size 1-4) and Youth Large (size 5-8) skates are perfect for children who want to have a great time skating with friends.

-Your child will love their new skates or your money back.

-We offer a full 60-day, no-questions-asked refund policy so you can be confident in your purchase today.


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