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Can You Teach A 2-Year Old Kid to Skate?

Posted by Daniel Navarro on
Can You Teach A 2-Year Old Kid to Skate? – Xino Sports

Teaching your child how to skate is like teaching him or her to ride a bike. Your kid may seem interested to learn how to skate, but it doesn’t always mean that he or she has to learn it right away. Toddlers love exploring new things. As a parent, your role is to assess if your child can slowly start the process.

We can’t really generalize because each child is different. Keep in mind that in order to skate, you need to have a good balance and control over body movements.

“ However, just because he or she can stand and walk (more like hobble around) doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready for skating. Also, ‘two-years-old’ is also a wide bracket of age- it could mean someone in the second year of his life or even close to the third (though proud parents seldom round off their kid’s age to the largest whole number). So, even though a two years and seven month old kid may be comfortable on a roller-skate, you’re almost but not yet two-year-old may be downright shaky.

Another obstacle in your two-year-old learning to skate is that kids of this age are not yet comfortable with strangers. This is often manifested in the different behaviors of kids of different age when dropped off at school- the younger ones tend to cry when left in the care of a teacher while the older ones do not have a problem with the association. So your tot may not be all that eager to go to a coach and learn skating.

Is my kid ready for Skating?

The first thing you need to assess is whether your two-year-old is ready or not. If they can walk in skates (with the wheels locked down) on the floor, they will be able to skate.

As mentioned earlier, kids this young tend to cry if left alone with a stranger- the coach or trainer in this context. If your kid is okay with being handed off to a stranger, that is great. But if not and if you want your two-year-old to learn, it is best for you to take pointers from a professional and do the teaching bit yourself. Or enroll in a class together, if that is an option. Many urban areas have recreational clubs that offer parent-tot classes.”

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Again, if you are not sure, it’s best to push the learning back when your child is already a little older and has a good sense of balance. By doing so, you can avoid accidents.

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